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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Mazinaw Property Owners’ Association (MPOA) Annual General Meeting, Saturday, July 1st, 2017 9:30 am - 12 pm

Barrie Township Hall, Cloyne

9:30 am Registration & Meet and Greet (Coffee/tea refreshments)

  • Renew Membership.

10am Business Meeting:

  Mazinaw Property Owners’ Association
    Annual General Meeting,   Saturday,  July 1,  2017  9:15 am  - 12 pm
    Barrie Township Hall,  Cloyne
    9:15 am    Registration & Meet and Greet (Coffee/tea refreshments)
        a)   Renew Membership
        b)   Hand out of insert for gypsy moth traps (sticky pads and pheromen)
        e)   Sell new Gypsy Moth traps for $5.00
        f)    Display table for FOCA, OPP, Health Unit etc.)

        Happy Canada 150th birthday celebration

10am     Business Meeting:    

1.        Call meeting to order:    

2.       Approval of the Agenda July 1, 2017    

3.        Approval of Minutes from the last AGM  July 2, 2016    
        (Please note the minutes are posted on our website:

4.        Business arising    

5.        President’s report:
6.    Treasurer’s Report  (Richard Colden)    

7.    Lake Steward Report (Lisa Martin)        
8.     MPOA  Communications updates (Fran Bates)        
9.    Membership report / directory update (Kate McGovern)

10.    Election to fill vacancies on the MPOA Board  (Harry Van Ymeren)    
        Call for nominations from the floor
        (Candidates should present themselves briefly and indicate what his/her interests are)
11.    Any Other Business and Membership concerns
        Kip Van Kempen:
        “Comparison of Admin costs of townships of North Frontenac with Addington
Guest Speakers:
        Margaret Axford, Cloyne Historical Association & Pioneer Museum:
        Through the Lens of History: What Has Changed since 1859 and What Has Not

12.     Adjournment