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Are you wondering if we are under a fire ban? Update sent July 9th 2020

The forest fire danger risk is currently at the low end of EXTREME.   With the bit of precipitation we received the other night combined with the forecasted precipitation for this weekend we have opted to not put a fire ban in place at this time.  

Camp fires are still permitted at any time of day or evening.  Please keep them small (less than 1m) with all combustibles (such as vegetation, sticks, leaves, etc.) kept well back from them and only build your camp fire on mineral soil (gravel, sand) or bare rock.

While burning of brush piles less than 2m in diameter is still permitted after 7pm and must be out cold by 7am we ask that if at all possible you put off burning it until conditions improve.   $$$ REMEMBER YOU COULD BE CHARGED SUPPRESSION COST FOR ANY FIRE THAT GETS AWAY FROM YOU $$$.

Chief Korhonen and I have been monitoring the fire danger conditions daily and will continue to do so.  I will send out follow up emails should things change.

The fire information line 613-336-1851 is always updated when things change as well.

Thanks to everyone that helps us all stay fire safe,

Casey Cuddy

Fire Chief, CEMC

Addington Highlands & ward 1 North Frontenac (Kaladar/ Barrie & Denbigh) Fire Dept.

72 Edward St

Flinton, ON

K0H 1P0