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Have you ever wished you could buy a used sailboat off someone who was selling from our lake rather than have to travel to buy one and haul it back here?  Have you ever wished you could advertise selling your cottage to other members within our association in case their friends or family members were interested?  

Here’s how it works:

  • This service will be available to current MPOA members.
  • There will be no cost to MPOA members. 
  • The service will be on a best efforts basis.
  • The MPOA will not be responsible for any articles sold/bought (e.g. the condition of, or liable for, any articles). 
  • Items to be sold must be cottage related (e.g. selling a cottage, or contents within it such as an appliance or furniture) or items to do with the water (e.g. kayak, boat, motor, trampoline).  Items that won’t be accepted would include personal items such as clothing.   The MPOA webmaster will have final say on whether the article will be posted.
  • New submissions (only a few lines please) will be reviewed on a weekly basis. 
  • After the initial submission is posted to the website, all communications will be between the buyer and the seller.  The MPOA will not take further responsibility except to remove the article from the website within the timeframe specified below.
  • Timeframe:  An article will be posted on the website for the season.  A seller may ask for it to be renewed.  Once sold, the seller will be responsible to inform the MPOA within 3 days of the sale so the article can be removed from the website.
  • To submit an article to sell, prepare a complete short write-up of the article, and your contact information and send it to  Please submit with only 1 picture. We have limited space on our web site to keep costs low.  Further pictures can be sent directly between the buyer and seller as necessary.

We hope this will be a service that is useful to our membership.