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In 2012/13 when the MPOA members were polled about what was on your minds, many of you said the dock at Tapping's Landing.  Why?  Given it is the only public landing for launching boats, picking up building materials or friends to take them across the lake, cottagers felt that the docking facility was too small and congested.

Last August the MPOA Board approached the North Frontenac Council with the proposal for a dock extension and as well, that we would try to raise funds to realize this project.  Council welcomed this proposal and after several meetings with a representatives from the township and Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVC), we are now in possession of a permit from MVC to build a 38ft crib dock extension to the existing dock.  When complete, this will allow docking of 2-3 boats at the same time as someone is launching a boat. For those of you who know how long this has been needed and that other efforts have failed in the past, we are very happy a solution has finally been found.  It will make a real difference at the Tapping’s landing site, increase safety and serve the needs of cottagers for many years to come.




The construction of the dock extension started August 18/14 and was completed quickly!  We have received many positive comments from people using the new dock.  The contractors secured the existing dock by building a crib under the end of the present dock, which will also support the dock extension. 

In closing I would like to thank you on behalf of the members of the board of your association for your generous donations and words of support.  With a much improved lake infrastructure, this will benefit many of us.

With best regards
Arndt Kruger
President MPOA