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Another water safety complaint Let's all be safe
There will be a newsletter going out to all MPOA members in the next few days on water safety and what the MPOA are doing to help champion it.  In the meantime, here is another email from a member on this topic, this summer.
My husband and I were sitting on our deck Sunday afternoon (we are located on the lower Mazinaw just a few cottages from the park boundary on South Mazinaw Heights Road) when we heard a boat coming fast. Due to foliage we didn't see it until it appeared just barely passing our dock, near our intake water line continuing to speed with a full load of what looked like younger people in the boat laughing and having a great time. One person was sitting/leaning on or against the front side of the boat as it sped along the shoreline and our water is shallow as we are located where the sand ledge is. I doubt the driver of the boat knew the lake and how shallow it is in that area – or if he/she did then they were just being incredibly stupid and irresponsible. If any person, child, or dog had been in the water I hate to think of what could have happened. It was a boat full and if they would have hit a rock at that speed with a loaded boat, at least 1 person would have been thrown out of the boat.
My husband and I are both sickened when we think what could have happened if any of us had been in the lake for a swim – or if the boat had hit a rock at that speed. 
As a reminder, it is the law to go 10 km per hour within 30 metres from shore.  Please slow down, keep your wake at a minimum near shore; stay out the 30 metres from shore near congested areas or near people's docks.  Let's all have a safe rest of the summer!  Thank you.