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Lost & Found

If anyone finds something on the lake, they can send a note with the description and their contact information to 
Reversely, anyone who has lost an item can look here or send a note to MPOA to post their lost item here.


FOUND:  August 15, 2019
Boat keel.
Contact Kim . Text 905-903-2627 or cottage 613-336-9810.  718 Lake Mazinaw.
FOUND:  July 29, 2019
A large white boat bumper in the marsh of Buck Bay in lower Mazinaw. Looks like it is from a barge type boat and it has a stainless steel bolt at the end of the rope.

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FOUND:  July 20, 2019
If anyone is missing a small dog at the lake, I have information for you.  A small dog was discovered between 219-221 getting into hungry bay.  Please email
LOST: July 1, 2019
Panel is 9’ x 30”, with four boards.  There is a #3 on the end of the panel.
Contact Bill Deacon @
FOUND: April 28, 2019:

dock floated onto the McLaren property. It is on the shore 9 cottages south of the park south beach on the west side of the lower Mazinaw.  Thanks to Kristy for the communication.

LOST: May 17, 2019

14ft aluminum Spectrum boat, white with grey strip, two grey swivel seats and wooden floor boards. 14ft. aluminum boat, white with grey stripe, two grey swivel seats and wooden floor boards.  The boat's the registration number is 23E21274.   Please contact Jim or Dianne at 905-786-2853. We are located at the East end of Campbell`s Bay.

It is feared that the boat may have been stolen between late March and early May as the bow line which was tied off to a tree well above the high water level appears to have been cut as well as one of the stern lines which may still have been frozen into the ground(it was under the north side of the boat.)

FOUND: May 18, 2019:

Dock (Dock section about 1 x 3 m) floating about 10 m north of park lagoon entrance (untied)






Found: posted July 2, 2019

this dock section is 3x8ft  and has on one end a hook to be attached to an eyehook.  Please retrieve it from 786 Mazinaw Lake, in Campbell's Bay.  Call Arndt 613-336-3397