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Mazinaw Memories

Contributor: Ian Philips

My father told me he remembered having tea in the Bon Echo Inn, obviously before it burned down in 1936.

My father’s maternal aunt (Kit Miller, Shirley Grant’s mother) bought their lake property in 1916 as a single woman.  The deed actually lists her occupation as “spinster”. Presumably my grandmother joined her sister at the property in the twenties. I don’t know when my father, born in 1923, started coming up to Mazinaw, but I do know that my grandparents bought our property in 1932 from Aunt Kit’s husband Walter Sachs. 

Shirley Grant, my Great-Aunt, passed away in December 2020. Her sons: David and Lawrence Arkilander are still on the same property: 15409 A-D.

I personally remember my father welcoming Merrill Dennison into our cottage for a visit.  Of course I was just a kid and didn’t stick around so I didn’t hear the conversation. But the story my father told about this visit was him offering Merrill Dennison a sherry, and Merrill asking if he had anything stronger!

Contributor: Bob Reid

Bet you didn’t know this (1929). Wonder if it was ever finished?