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Member Annual Renewal

The following motions will be voted on at the June 13th AGM.  In order to vote on each item, would you please review them prior to the meeting?  Thank you for your participation in this important process.

  1. Approving the 2019 Meeting Minutes
  2. Approving the 2020 MPOA By-Laws
  3. Approving the new board members
    • Please note that 3 members have come forward to join the board.  They will introduce themselves at the AGM and the members will have the opportunity to approve them.  If you would like to also be considered in the running for a board position, please send an email to  We welcome new board members with new idea and new skills!
  4. Joining the affiliation of lake associations in North Frontenac - the organization is called the North Frontenac Lake Association Affiliation (NFLAA). The NFLAA seek to:
    • Build relationships & partnerships with the Township, the county, the Province and related Government agencies, aboriginal groups, and appropriate community associations;
    • Promote the visibility and voice of lake front property owners
    • Act as a common voice for allied Lake Associations;
    • Follow issues and policies that may impact waterfront properties and property owners with deeded access to the lake
    • Proactively address current and emerging issues; and
    • Act as a form for information, learning and effective communications

Note: the NFLAA was formed in 2010; mission is to provide NFLAs with representation, assistance and leadership to address common interests.  There are 19 Lake Associations members in the NFLAA and growing (MPOA would be #20).  While we cross two townships, chances are what applies to NF will most certainly will apply to AH as well.  There is a OTC of $25 admin fee to join.  At this time there are not any other costs, but should the affiliation believe in a purpose that requires funding, this would be brought forward for approval to our MPOA Board.