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Dear MPOA members,

As part of our commitment to our members to look into the following 2 initiatives, we'd like to get a better understanding of how important these are to our members:

1) interest in an MPOA Facebook group

2) concerns about your cottage while they are not there

We've prepared a very short survey which will take you just a few minutes to respond to.

Click here to start the survey

Note, the link will take you to the website.  Please don't forget to click the submit button at the end when you are finished.    Please respond by May 30th, after which the survey will be closed.

Thank you.  We appreciate your input.  Please note we are gathering data at this time and there is no commitment to procedure with either initiative.  The responses will be shared at the upcoming AGM webinar on June 13th.


Francine Bates

MPOA President

Would you like MPOA to create a Facebook page/group to share information related to MPOA activities and interests?*
Are you concerned about being able to access your cottage?*
Have you experienced a break in at your cottage in the past 5 years?*
If yes, what year?
If yes, what time of year do you think the theft occurred?
Have you had other issues at your cottage in the past 5 years that were not related to criminal activities? Note: If you responded 'other', please comment in the comments section at the end*
If yes, Were you up at Mazinaw at the time?
Are you able to travel to your cottage in the off season (once the boat is out of the water) to check on your property?
Do you have trusted neighbours that can look in on your cottage when you are away?
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