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Guidelines for our Seasonal Residents April 8, 2020

Plevna, ON – On March 26, 2020 Mayor Ron Higgins declared a COVID-19 state of emergency for North Frontenac. Under Public Health Canada emergency order, if you are under mandatory isolation/quarantine, then you need to stay in your permanent residence and these guidelines do not apply unless this your primary place of residence.

I am providing these guidelines as a precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19. I wish to ensure our Seasonal residents can enjoy their recreational or permanent summer properties through this pandemic. I also want to ensure the health and safety of all our residents and businesses and not overload our health centers workers.

  • Seasonal resident is defined as snowbird or recreational cottager and the cottage/trailer is not the primary residence.
  • Resident is defined as a full time resident or a summer permanent resident commonly used by snowbirds.

If you feel you have to come to your seasonal property, I am providing these guidelines for North Frontenac Seasonal residents.

  • Seasonal residents are welcome to use their recreational property during this emergency, but we ask you self-isolate for 14 days, starting the day of your arrival. This request applies whether they travelled within or outside of Canada or have already quarantined or self-isolated in their current permanent residence. We realize this may be a repeat self isolation, but we are unsure of where you have been before coming into North Frontenac and is strictly a precautionary request.
  • Seasonal residents whose permanent residence is a trailer inside a campground or trailer park are exempt and allowed to live in their trailer provided the park owner opens for this purpose.
  • Seasonal residents who move to their seasonal cottages/trailers are requested to bring enough supplies to last 14 days. You can also contact any of the grocery stores to shop for you and have a neighbour deliver them for you while in self isolation.
  • Make arrangements to have your water turned on before you arrive if you are using a contractor

None of this is endorsed or is enforceable by Council or the Township and I am providing these on my own accord, but I do ask everyone to help me by following theses guidelines. If we all cooperate, we will get through this together. Any orders from the Public Health or Federal/Provincial orders made after this date supersedes these guidelines and these could be updated pending new Public Health protocols or Provincial orders.

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