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April 5, 2014

Dear Member of the MPOA list,

As you may have heard the OPP proposed a new funding formula which will have a significant impact on rural communities with small permanent resident populations and larger seasonal residents. In the case of NF the policing cost would rise from $234,250 (2014 estimate) to approximately $1,153,389, a staggering increase of 392%.  AH will see an increase to half a million. 

It is now a question how these costs (73% are fixed cost per household and 27% according to the frequency of use of the OPP in the township) will be distributed to the residences.  It is easy to see that using the assessed value of a residence as method will again put a heavy burden on all waterfront properties which typically have higher values. According to AH it could be approx. $80.00 per $100,000 of assessed property value.  

Attached are two letters on this topic.  The first letter is from the township of NF and the second is from the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Assoc (FOCA)  Both encourages you to send sample letters (a template is provided in the NF letter).  The letters should be sent to: 

1.  Premier Wynne:

2.  Minister Naqvi in charge of the OPP:

3.  Your local MPP


Please be encouraged to make your voice be heard.

Arndt Kruger

MPOA President