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Petition to North Frontenac Township Council

on Short Term Cottage Rentals for Commercial Purposes

North Frontenac Township has a growing unaddressed issue regarding the lack of supervision and control of short-term cottage rentals. This unregulated rental situation has already led to a deterioration in the quality of enjoyment for many adjacent property owners. The The North Frontenac Lake Association Alliance (NFLAA) believes remedies are past due and that this festering situation needs to be urgently addressed by both Councils.

While there is a distinction to be made between the cottage owner who rents for only short period of time vs. those who do so for commercial purposes, we feel that clear policies must be in place, and enforced to regulate this growing rental concerns.

North Frontenac Township received numerous letters from concerned cottagers prior to a special council meeting on short term rentals. Complaints included:

  • Unsupervised tenants having no relationship with, or respect for, neighbours,
  • Excessive noise late at night,
  • Large campfires that may, or may not, be effectively tended.
  • Late night fire works disturbing both neighbours and wildlife,
  • Unsafe boating practices with both powered and unpowered watercraft,
  • Use of foul language within a family-oriented cottage community.

In short, we see and are concerned with many of the practices that are not being adequately addressed at various unsupervised commercial cottage rentals. In contrast officials at Bon Echo Provincial Park and the OPP work diligently to control these same concerns within park boundaries.

Through our contacts at the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA), we know that many municipalities are being proactive on this fast-growing issue and that a variety of bylaw options are being actively explored or have been enacted. We need to learn from their research and experience.

We recognize that the North Frontenac Council recently agreed to provide information on its website dealing with the good practices for such renters. While a first step, this action by itself is completely inadequate to deal with many of our concerns. Effective regulation and enforcement is absolutely required. In addition, the township needs to establish clarity concerning the zoning designations of Rural and Commercial and manage these appropriately.  

We urge Council to move on this issue by forming an Advisory Committee with an aggressive schedule to develop options and recommendations for Council’s consideration. 

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