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In the Home section of this website we have posted various updates on the Wind Turbine project as they've happened in an attempt to keep the MPOA members informed.  At this section of the website you can find various presentations that you can download.  These were associated with news or emails sent to the MPOA membership.

1. Agenda and presentation for the NextEra Wind proposal at a meeting held on June 6/15

The next 3 were supplied on June 11/15 by the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township of North Frontenac, Cheryl Robson, A.M.C.T.  They include:

2. N.F. Mayor’s letter to Kathleen Wynne, Premier

3. copy of Resolution #328-15

4.copy of the Media Release


Wind Energy June 6 presentation Agenda and presentation for the NextEra Wind proposal Download
Wind Turbines...Mayor's letter to Premier Wind Turbines...NF Mayor's letter to Premier Download
Wind Turbines...Unwilling Host Wind Turbines...Unwilling Host Download
Wind Turbines..Media Release Wind Turbines..Media Release Download