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North Frontenac Council backs One Small Town concept but commits no funds keeping you informed NF property owners Now comes the hard part. There was plenty of cheering and handshaking after North Frontenac Council voted to support Mayor Ron Higgins' One Small Town plan Friday afternoon in Ompah. The motion stipulates that "there will be no financial impact at this time" but also says that the Mayor will bring a report to council "if there are costs if there are costs that arise outside the normal budget process during the implementation of this plan." Higgins needed that support in order to apply for $280,000 in funding that would pay for an electrical infrastructure assessment. For those
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2018 MPOA Directory Here's an update on the MPOA directory that we are planning to produce for the spring of 2018. We had an exceptional response to our efforts to expand the membership of MPOA with a total of 222 properties now registered around the lake. If you know of a neighbour who may wish to join but hasn't yet, please send them to our website at, membership tab or suggest they send a note to . The information you have provided will allow us to provide an updated MPOA directory with essential contact information for each MPOA member, but please
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