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Happenings on our Lake and in our Community:

Food Bank Donations Additional Location Another option for Food Bank drop-offs. From the SDRA (Skootamatta District Ratepayers Association):Every year, the SDRA holds a Thanksgiving food drive as cottagers are closing up for the season. If your members have any leftover non-perishables, we will be placing collection bins at Skootamatta Lake Rd and Hwy #41 (across from the church) on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We will deliver the food to the food bank early next week. From an MPOA earlier post, additional drop-offs are: Smart's Marina outside the north gate Pineview Methodist Church inside front doors.
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Careless Fire Careless Fire on the Rock Here’s what happens when thoughtless people have a few beers and then decide to build a fire. They leave, the fire goes underground, starts to smoulder and produces smoke that is fortunately noticed by cottagers.  The cottagers alerted the park and the fire department, then formed a bucket brigade to curtail the blaze. Please think before doing! Thank you to all the cottagers/boaters who jumped in to prevent a possible devastation on Dire Bay on Upper Mazinaw.  And thank you to MPOA member Missy Sharp who provided the photographs and also passed a
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Donations to Food Bank
Donations to Food Bank
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