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Safety on the Water July 17, 2019 Last summer we asked everyone to be cautious on the water after we received emails from members about some accidents and very close calls on the water which were so bad they had the potential to have resulted in injury.  Well, it is happening again this year!  Here is the latest email... Today I was watching a boater towing a tube with two children in it closer to the shore than they should. The driver was driving very fast and changing directions in order for the tube to go over the wakes. There were so many strong wakes. The driver did not take into account the canoeist paddling by who
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Disposal of Electronics There may be some confusion about the new Re-Use centre. The Cloyne Waste site is a transfer station, and as such does not accept electronics.   The closest site that accepts electronics for North Frontenac (NF) residents is the 506 Site.  The NF sites (and items accepted at each) are detailed on our website Addington Highlands (AH) residents only have access to the Hazardous Waste facility at the 506 Site ie not electronics. Addington Highlands residents have to access an AH waste site that
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