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Significant Rains Increase Flows and Raise Lake Levels January 13, 2020 —The Mississippi River watershed received significant rainfall over the weekend.  Gauges in the upper watershed recorded between 80 and 105 mm while 50-90 mm were recorded in the lower watershed.  As a result, flows have increased significantly and ice stability has been compromised across the watershed.  Flows are expected to peak in 24-48 hours.    Since the Crotch Lake reservoir is at capacity, there is no storage available to reduce flows downstream.  This has caused Dalhousie Lake to rise 30 cm and an additional 20-30 cm increase is still expected.  To
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Northbrook Food Bank Please consider donating your non-perishable food items to the Northbrook Food Bank rather than carting them all home . Between now and the end of Thanksgiving weekend, you can drop off your donations to one of these 3 locations: Browns Trailer Park located at 61 Addington Road 5 at the north end of the Mazinaw lake.  The bin will be up at the office of the white house. Please note they are only open Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday for this part of the season. Smarts Marina located at the south end of Mazinaw lake.  The bin will be near the fence. Pineview Free Methodist
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