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Gun Shots Someone was shooting in the North Mazinaw on the August Long Weekend

Did you hear gun shots on Thursday and Sunday of the August long weekend?  It sounded so close to our cottage that people called to see if it was my husband (we don't own a gun).  I'm not sure if the person shooting was doing so for protection or for target practice.. It is not hunting season.  If for leisure, may I make a request to please restrict this activity (or stop if possible and go to a gun club).  It scares the wildlife, who may run on to the road and be struck by a vehicle and therefore impact people driving on the highway as well.  It scares our pets (my dog ran away and was missing for some time).  And, there are hikers who walk through our Crown Land around our cottagers who could possibly be hit by a bullet. 

With appreciation, Francine Bates, MPOA President