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Northbrook Food Bank please consider dropping of non-perishable food as you close your cottage

This is a chance for us to give back to the area we all love.  At the AGM in July, we asked people to bring a can of food which we would deliver to the Northbrook Food Bank.  We are happy to say that we collected 3 grocery bags full of food.  If you didn’t get a chance to participate and you wanted to, here is another opportunity

…As the cottage season winds down, and may be closing your cottage for the season, we invite you to consider donating your non-perishable food items to the Northbrook Food Bank rather than carting it all home. We leave each summer with so many good memories, this is a great opportunity to leave something for others.

Between now and the end of Thanksgiving weekend, you can drop off your donations to:

  1. Browns Trailer Park located at 61 Addington Road 5 at the north end of the Mazinaw lake.  The bin will be up at the office of the white house. Please note they are only open Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday for this part of the season.
  2. Smarts Marina located at the south end of Mazinaw lake.  The bin will be near the fence.
  3. Pineview Free Methodist Church located on Highway #41 (just past the tennis courts on the left side of the hwy as you drive towards Cloyne.  You will turn left into their parking lot at the blue 'CLOYNE' sign just outside of town). A box will be under the roof with a note “MPOA drop off”.  You can also put things inside the main doors of the church.  They will accept food items, and also clean toys/puzzles, clothes/towels (in good condition).
  4. Thank you to Browns and Smarts for offering to accept our MPOA donations and deliver them to the Foodbank and to the Pineview church for their help in getting items to those in need.

Thank you for giving.