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RE: Important COVID-19 Message from Mayor Higgins

I know I have upset some lake association members related to my style of messaging and some took it personal and some just found a way to oppose my message because they are not a fan of me for one reason or another, which I can accept. I wrote an op-ed for on-line Frontenac News in this regard, see link below.

I stand firm and will not apologize for the messaging at that time in the evolution of COVD-19. Let me be clear – there is no diversity between seasonal and non seasonal my message was direct and sincere on that day in the evolution of COVID. My style of messaging at that time was intended to be direct and sincere to make people talk about this and take action. At times, controversary is the best communication tool to get an issue out in the open. For that I can check off my box as completed. I am not doing this for a pat on the back or to be careful on messaging, and my actions and communications are not to ensure re-election like other politicians. I do what I think is right knowing I will not please everyone but if in this instance if we can prevent a case here (unlikely) or if I can prevent 1 death I have done my job.

Mayor Ron Higgins


Co-Chair Eastern Ontario Leadership Council