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Mazinaw Lanark forestry plan 2021 to 2031 forestry plan

Below is a correspondence from Robert Reid, MPOA President on the subject of the Mazinaw Lanark forestry plan with the MNR's reply below.

Dear Alison, Thank you for getting back to me with answers to some of my questions about the 2021 to 2031 Mazinaw-Lanark forestry plan. Our board met recently and they would like to be kept informed of any subsequent changes to the plan including decisions to use optional logging areas. This information can be communicated through me. The board was not satisfied with the answers to some of the questions about setbacks from roads and wetlands and would like clarification of this should there be any decisions about logging in the Mazinaw region. We believe that input on these matters is extremely important to the 200 plus members of our association. Thank you again for all your hard work on this plan and for keeping us informed. Yours sincerely, Robert Reid (president Mazinaw Property Owners Association)


Dear Robert,
Thank you again for your email regarding optional harvest areas for the Mazinaw Lanark Forest 2021-2031 Forest Management Plan. I'm sorry to hear that the board was dissatisfied with previous answers regarding boundaries around roads and wetlands. I certainly can keep you informed of changes to the harvest allocations moving forward, keeping in mind that those allocations have not yet been approved.

In the meantime, I have attached a copy of the
Forest Management Guide for Conserving Biodiversity at the Stand and Site Scales. This is a detailed document that guides decision-making in forest management planning, including operational planning in Ontario. There are many variables involved in establishing boundaries around roads, wetlands and waterbodies. Please see specifically, Table 4.1.a Standards, guidelines, and best management practices for lakes and ponds and associated shoreline forest on pg. 39. See also section 4.1.3 on Wetlands.

I will be happy to try to answer any further questions you still have. Alternatively, you could reach out to the plan author, Margaret Hatton; she can be reached at: or 613-336-0816 ex: 224.



Alison L. White
Assistant Regional Planning Forester
Ministry of Natural Resources, Southern Region
300 Water St. Peterborough, Ontario
Working remotely: (705)-313-0939