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Firearm Practice

The MPOA has again this year received complaints from members about the use of firearms for target practice close enough to neighbouring cottages to cause concern.

The loudness of the firearms can be annoying to humans, but that pales in comparison to the effect on family pets. Their acute hearing often results in a terrified and trembling animal. There have been search parties launched for pets that have bolted because of firearm explosions nearby.

Another concern is from people walking on the trails behind the cottages being worried about getting hit by a stray bullet.

A call to the Kaladar OPP advised that it is not OK to use firearms outside of hunting season unless you have a specific protected area to practice. To obtain those specifics, the OPP can be contacted and will do a site review with you.

At minimum, if you are planning an extended practice session, please notify your neighbours. They, and their pets, will be very appreciative.