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An Important Message from NF Mayor related to COVID-19


I understand your need to come to your cottages early this year to distance yourself from close quarters in the urban areas due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I would like to ask the following:

1 - if you are coming to your cottage please self isolate for 14 days so we can avoid any outbreaks in North Frontenac. This applies to whether you travelled outside Canada or not.
2 - if you did not bring supplies please ask someone to get you the things you need until your isolation period is over.
3 - if you do shop for supplies please limit you purchase to get you by for the short term. Some have bought up all the toilet paper at North of 7 because they are caught up in this "panic buying" scenario. It is not fair to not leave supplies for the rest of us.

Businesses - please limit quantities of your produce and products for all customers to ensure supplies are on hand for everyone as needed.

All Residents Seasonal and Full Time - There is no need for any panic at this time, however there is a need for everyone to take this very seriously so we can limit the potential of an outbreak in North Frontenac as much as possible. Please practice distancing and self isolation as much as possible. This should be easy for us being in a rural area that allows us to walk the woods etc. I have had reports today of people moving to their cottages from Urban areas. Some of whom have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days. These people are moving freely about the Township. Isolation means stay in your homes or cottages for the 14 day period, you should not be shopping, going to public venues or going to our waste sites. Please call on neighbours or friends to help you during this time of caution.


The last thing I want to do is put mandatory restrictions in place and request that each and everyone practice isolation and social distancing, it is for the protection of us all especially those who have immune deficiencies or other compromising health conditions.


Our website has all the information or links you need to understand what is required or to get information on COVID-19


I also posted this morning on my facebook page as below: 

I have made a couple posts yesterday based on my disappointment about people not following the compliance request from the Feds, Province and our own Township.

Let me be clear, Ontario is under a state of emergency and as a result the following consequences for those who fail to self isolate can be applied.

"Although voluntary compliance is always preferred, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, there are consequences for individuals and businesses that cho ose to defy the act while it is in force.”

Police said the Provincial Offences Act has been updated to include new offences for police to enforce.

Failing to comply with an order made during an emergency is a set fine of $750, while obstructing any person exercising a power or performing a duty in accordance with an order made during a declared emergency comes with a $1,000 fine."

This means you can be fined if you do not self isolate for the following reasons.
- If you have headaches, sore throat or fever
- if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive
- if you come to North Frontenac and have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days of coming here
- if you decided to move to your cottage from anywhere within Canada (not just outside Canada) as most areas have cases of COVID-19.

If you fail to comply you can be fined $1750 for each incident as you are obstructing our ability to contain the virus.

Please people, treat this as very serious and any actions that defy the emergency declaration not only put you in jeopardy it could cause someone else to become infected. Let's be serious, non compliance with the request to social distance and self isolate could result in someone you may not know, or a close friend and/or family member to die. That is how serous this pandemic is. Compliance also ensures that we do not overwhelm our health care workers.

As your Mayor I will not treat this pandemic lightly and I will have fines enforced if I find non compliance continues such as what I have witnessed and heard about over the last couple of days. I will be meeting with our emergency planning group on Monday to decide what additional steps we need to take if required.

Many do not follow this page, those who do please share this message either verbally or share through social media - I need your help to get through this together!

Here is my facebook link


With your cooperation and  help we hopefully prevent a COVID outbreak in North Frontenac.


Mayor Ron Higgins


Mayor Ron Higgins


Co-Chair Eastern Ontario Leadership Council