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Tyendinaga Caves

Distance Address Open Website
90KM 2623 Harmony Road Belleville May - Oct See website for details Tyendinaga Caves




Descend into the depths and discover a place where time stands still while maintaining the integrity, history and geology of this natural wonder. Get a close-up view of fossils that date back to 450 million years ago. You will even have a chance to toss a coin and make a wish in the crystal clear waters of the wishing well! (Don't tell anyone your wish!). Finally, test your limits and squeeze down a tiny side passage. Lights out! The tour ends with a moment of total darkness. 

When you ascend and join the world above ground once again, there are clean washrooms, a view point, and a short 1km walking trail. Pack an al fresco lunch and enjoy it under the stunning cedar frame pavilion.