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The Mazinaw Property Owners Association (MPOA)is an association of individuals formed to maintain and improve the quality of life and environment of the Mazinaw Lake community.” We are comprised of members from property owners on Mazinaw Lake and Mackavoy Lake and that portion of the Mississippi River that joins the two.

"The purpose of the MPOA is to unite property owners for the purpose of dealing with members, governments, organizations and agencies relative to the quality of life and environment of the community.” (MPOA By Laws)

 The MPOA is a member of the province wide cottagers associations: FOCA the ‘Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations’

Over the past many years the MPOA have kept their members informed on such things as tax implications due to increasing OPP costs, possible closing of EMS sites, possibility of Wind Turbines, and how to have your voice heard.  As well, the MPOA have launched initiatives such as the addition of the Tappings Landing public access dock and the MPOA directory; and have provided you with an Emergency Preparedness document for water access cottagers.

There are numerous benefits that apply not only to the MPOA, but also to all of its members-in-good-standing - such as special discounts on subscriptions to Cottage Life Magazine.  In Addition FOCA sends out from time to time newsletters which address current issues for cottage owners/ lake front owners. To sample some of the latest FOCA ‘elerts’ or to sign up: