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Shabomeka LegPower Pathfinders Trails

One amazing but relatively unknown resource to the Mazinaw Lake region are the Shabomeka LegPower Pathfinders hiking trails. This is an extensive network of hiking, biking and skiing trails surrounding the Little Shabomeka Lake area. These trails were started back in the mid 1980’s by Glen Pearce when he and his family moved there. They are lovingly maintained by the Shabomeka LegPower Pathfinders.

The trails are classified based upon their relative difficulty, from the easiest “green” trails, average “blue” trails and more challenging “black” trails. Every trail is numbered and there are trail signs on most of them. The great thing about Trailforks is that every trail has an elevation profile, with information on its length, and hike duration.

An excellent on-line resource for more trails is the “Trailforks” website and app. Here is the link:

Shabomeka Lake Trail Map