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2020 Proposed By-Laws

Please note the by-laws had not been updated in several years and these by-laws have been reviewed and updated by a sub-committee and then thoroughly reviewed by each board member. 

Now it is your turn. The MPOA by-laws are formed by the members of our Mazinaw Property Owners Association and it is under these rules that the board and members conduct themselves.  Please review them and if you have any concerns, please bring them forward to us by sending a note to - type BY-LAWS in the subject line.  The deadline to send comments as input to these By-Laws as they currently exists is June 5th.

The vote on the 2020 by-laws will be held at the AGM on June 13th.

2020 MPOA By-Laws *2020 MPOA By-Laws Informative documents Download
MPOA By-Laws current by-laws (until the 2020 by-laws are approved) Informative documents Download