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Emergency Access for WAO (Water Access Only) properties

The MPOA has been working with Addington Township and Lennox & Addington County to improve the identification of emergency access points on Mazinaw Lake for WAO properties.

It is expected that implementation will be before the next cottage season. Additionally, the 2022 version of the MPOA Lake Directory will include more instructions on emergency access.

In the interim, here are a few suggestions from the Lennox & Addington County representative to minimize any delay in accessing emergency services for WAO properties:

  • Anyone that is making an emergency call from a WAO location should say the number and then “Mazinaw Lake Water Access Only”.  If you are meeting the emergency service at one of the designated meeting sites verify that with the dispatcher first.  Bay names (local or official) are not used as part of the WAO numbers for Mazinaw Lake.
  • With an emergency its best to call 911 immediately rather than when you have reached the emergency services access site. Remote/rural response times are often longer and if the patient’s condition changes rapidly the response/medical intervention will need to be escalated.
  • If you have a landline phone at a WAO location ensure the location address (not billing address) of your cottage that is on file with your phone provider, is correct.
  • If you have not been assigned a WAO number contact Addington Highlands Township or North Frontenac Township
  • If you are lending/renting your cottage have the emergency procedures in a highly visible location. A picture frame makes the information standout.