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News Flashes about our Lake and our Community:

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More enhancements at Tappings Boat Launch boat ramp fixed

We received feedback from members of the MPOA that the boat ramp at the Tapping’s public dock was too shallow and this made it difficult for some cottagers to launch their boats there.  The MPOA board went through the process to seek approvals to fix the boat ramp.  As you can appreciate, there is a lot of scrutiny when it comes to changes at the waterfront. 

We are very pleased to announce that after a lengthy process of getting permissions from various authorities such as Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (DFO) and the Township of North Frontenac we were able to hire Ron Nowell Construction to excavate the boat ramp and placing gravel on the lake bed. This Project was started in November and since this had to be done while the water was low, we had a very small window to have this fixed...which was accomplished on March 17, 2017.