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Safety on the Water July 17, 2019

Last summer we asked everyone to be cautious on the water after we received emails from members about some accidents and very close calls on the water which were so bad they had the potential to have resulted in injury.  Well, it is happening again this year!  Here is the latest email...

Today I was watching a boater towing a tube with two children in it closer to the shore than they should. The driver was driving very fast and changing directions in order for the tube to go over the wakes. There were so many strong wakes. The driver did not take into account the canoeist paddling by who was thrown from his canoe because of the wakes. He struggled and managed to get to my dock where he sat for a bit to catch his breath and calm down. After a while, the canoeist got back into the canoe and continued to home. He was shaken up by the experience.  Can we get the message for boaters to slow down and practice safety first.
The boat is someone on the lake. I checked on the person who was tumbled out of his canoe and he is okay. He said
Perhaps a reminder of the law about distance from shore a boat has to be, the speed one can be going and the phone number of the police can be put into an email. The boater was again on this side and was driving much slower. Perhaps he/she has learned a valuable lesson.


Please remember, “it is illegal to operate at greater than an unposted speed limit of 10 km/h (6 mph) within 30 metres (100 feet) of the shore in Ontario.”  As well, there are kayakers in the open water and not always along the shore so be on the look out for them.  Several kayakers have indicated that boats have been coming straight towards them, veering off at the last minute.  This seems to be a repeating theme.  Please be on the look out for not only other boats, but people in kayaks and canoes, who are sometimes much harder to see.  There are also things still floating on the water after the flooding and some recent storms.  I received two found items as recent as this week. Please be on the look out - this could damage your motor.

Of course, it’s not always the boaters and we recognize that. We've been asked to talk to the Park about safety at the narrows and around the park by those in kayaks, canoes and and some swimmers .  This will be addressed as well.

Let’s have a safe rest of the summer!